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Are the “Social” Media Networks All That Social?


Are the Social Media Networks All That “Social”? (Part 1 of 2) What is its Purpose? Social media network sites can be a boon…or a bust. Sometimes both at the same time. Much depends on how it’s used, or abused by, the end user. It’s important to understand the purpose and intent of the site. Some people try to circumvent Continue reading

How You Can Spot a Fake Cashier’s Check


How You Can Spot a Fake Cashier’s Check Most people can’t tell the difference between a counterfeit cashier’s check and a legitimate one. All cashier’s checks do not look alike. Learn how to tell.   If you recently received a Cashier’s Check unexpectedly, from an unknown source, this should be enough to raise some red flag questions in your mind. Continue reading

One Ring – Hang Up – Call Back Scheme


One Ring – Hang Up – Call Back Scheme  Don’t Fall For It.  This is the current, world-wide, hot scheme of the day and it’s proliferating like wild fire.The crooks depend on people being too lazy or thoughtless to put on their thinking caps before returning phone calls. Too often they are right.  With all due deference to the comedy of Continue reading

Crimes Against Children


 Child Endangerment – Child Abuse This is a world wide issue that exists in virtually every country. Statutes differ in every jurisdiction and one should check their local laws on the current status. For purposes of comparison, the laws and penal codes of the state of California will be detailed here and can be used as a citation reference.  California Continue reading

What You Should Know About – Credit Card Scams


What You Should Know About – Credit Card Scams   It’s OK to be Suspicious.  When credit cards first burst upon the commercial scene, the scammers weren’t far behind. And it didn’t take them long to catch on to what they needed to do to steal your money, property, and ID.  According to Encylopedia Britannica, “the use of credit cards originated in Continue reading

Get a Good Look at Computer Crimes


Get a Good Look at Computer Crimes There are plenty of helpful eyes keeping watch over your safe computer surfing, but yours better be among them. Computer crimes are present everywhere. Computer crimes involve the use of technology to gain unauthorized access to computer systems in order to damage, alter, or delete data. They can include such activities as electronic Continue reading

Attention Drivers – Don’t Participate in Road Rage


Attention Drivers – Don’t Participate in Road Rage  It’s Not Worth Your Life To be on the wrong end of a Road Rage Incident is not a good thing. It’s even worse if it’s a carjacking. But, if it’s both, it can even be lethal. Let it go. Your car is not worth your life. This can’t be repeated often Continue reading

It’s Time to Think About Safety in Surveillance


It’s Time to Think About Safety ln Surveillance  The NSA shouldn’t be the only one conducting surveillance. Businesses and residents should do as well. The safety of persons and property is of paramount concern. With a minimum of time and expenditure of funds, a thoughtful approach to researching readily available technology tools for protection can be a wise investment.  There Continue reading

The World of Child Pornography


The World of Child Pornography  It’s a sad fact of life that in today’s society many adults, especially in working, single parent homes, are so busy watching “Reality TV” that they are blinded to the reality of their own lives, and those of their children. Some may blame their inability to properly monitor their child’s life and activities on the Continue reading

Home Invasion/Burglary – Yes, It Can Happen to You


Home Invasion/Burglary – Yes, It Can Happen to You Even if you live in an apartment, you are not immune to a potential home invasion. As long as there is a door, or window, you can be a target. Learn to be proactive.  Part of every local police training involves home drive-by’s. This might actually be a walk-by, or a Continue reading